Chihayafuru 3: season 3 release date postponed until October 2019

Chihayafuru 3: la terza stagione slitta ad Ottobre 2019

Bad news for all the fans who wished to meet again Chihaya, Taichi and Arata in a few weeks. The 3rd season of Chihayafuru anime, originally scheduled for next April, will be released in October 2019 instead.

Chihayafuru‘s production company MadHouse didn’t give further explenations about the delay.

Maybe it’s just a matter of lateness in the delivery of the material. Maybe it is an intentional choice dued to the highly crowded spring broadcast schedule.

Actually Attack on Titan 3 (part 2) will be released on 28 April; Ace of Diamond 3 will start on 2 April; Mitsuru Adachi’s Mix is scheduled for 6 April and One Punch Man 2 will be released 9 April. Maybe airing Chihayafuru in the very same season would mean to disadvantage it.

Nontheless we just have to wait a little more. It’s just a matter of months and we’ll get to see Chihayafuru 3 next October.

Chihayafuru 3: season 3 release date postponed until October 2019
This is the lovely key visual Chihayafuru’s delay to October 2019 has been officially annonuced with.

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