Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship

Kacchako, la ship che divide i fan di My Hero Academia

Today we’ll deal with a topic that is very dear to all of My Hero Academia fangirls (me included) : the Bakugou and Uraraka ship .

In case someone still doesn’t know, shipping two characters together means wishing for a (potential) love story to blossom between the two of them. It’s something very typical in any existing fandom. It is not even necessary that the two guys do have a relationship, eventually. Actually this rarely happens. Usually, the more unlikely they are as a couple, the more they they tend to be object of fantasies and fan-art by the audience.

When it comes to My Hero Academia, the most debated couple among fans is the one (virtually) formed by Katsuki Bakugou and Ochaco Uraraka .

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
All the credits belong to the artist

Part of the fandom passionately supports the two of them together, while the rest rejects it with equal intensity, coming to blame publicly the creation of images, fan-fictions or fan-videos that put together short-tempered Kacchan and sweet Ochaco .

Like it or not, the amount of fan-art about this “pair” that one can find on the web is staggering. And that’s why it’s worth to look further at this . Where did the idea of ​​a “Kacchako” come from ? Is it totally groundless or is there a chance for the couple Kacchan / Ochaco to become canon (i.e. official)?

Is there chemistry between Bakugou and Uraraka ?

It all started with their face-off in the final stage of the Sports Festival (in My Hero Academia season 2). Uraraka was initially terrified by the idea of ​​facing the strongest and most ruthless amongst the heroes of class 1-A , yet she summons up all of her courage and motivation and takes the field ready to give her best.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
credits @DailyKrumbs

The battle of Quirks between the two is undoubtedly one of the most exciting chapters of the saga. Powerful Kacchan, who manages to end up victorious, is nonetheless forced not to spare himself to keep up with Uraraka . During the challenge, he recognizes her partner as a worthy rival, ​​someone who is anything but frail and weak.

Bakugou , the hero who respects nothing and no one, so much so that he doesn’t even bother to learn the names of his classmates addressing them with hasty nicknames, eventually turns to Uraraka calling her with her true name. A privilege that did not go unnoticed among fans. A demonstration of undeniable consideration.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
credits @DailyKrumbs

In their physical confrontation, the fans seem to have read something very sensual . It is difficult to say whether this was actually in the authors’ intentions, but undoubtedly, they both put a lot of passion into it!

Moreover, throughout the story, it becomes clear that Uraraka is one of the few (along with Midoriya and Kirishima ) who seems to understand Bakugou , his feelings and his weaknesses. Proof of that is the episode in season 3 where Deku , Todoroki and the others plan to free Bakugou , kidnapped by the league of Villains and All for One. On that occasion, it is Uraraka who objects that the boy, being overly proud, would not be happy if his companions were to save him.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
All the credits belong to the artist

Kacchan and Ochaco: Why do we like them together?

You know: the opposites attract each other. “Kacchako” is not (it would never be) a boring sugary couple: the good girl and the bad boy … how to resist? And the alleged dysfunctionality of such a pair (the detractors insist that Bakugou would surely end up hurting her) seems to excite even more the spirit of the fans.

Moreover, it is undeniable that a love story between such different personalities (he being impulsive and brutal, she being girly and lovable) might exist and might also work, as demonstrated by dozens of fictional or real couples that each of us know.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
All the credits belong to the artist

Finally, fans bring Bakugou‘s parents to support their ship : a very energetic and bad tempered mother and a gentle and quite father. If it worked for them, it will also work for Kacchan and Ochaco, right?

If sweet Uraraka would be a suitable partner for most of her schoolfellows (not only Deku and Bakugou but also Iida), who else – if not her- could you imagine as the girlfirend of bad-tempered Kacchan?

Why does the Kacchan / Ochaco couple have so many detractors?

The most radical opponents of this couple do not see Bakugou as a angry but good-hearted tsundere. They consider him a violent bastard and denounce the risk that he can hurt, in different ways, poor Uraraka .

Above all, they try to silence those who love to fantasize about this couple with this: Ochaco has a crush on Deku and the only love story that could develop within the saga is theirs.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
credits @DailyKrumbs

Fan-art and headcanons … that seem real

The Bakugou / Uraraka couple may not be in the authors’ plans at the moment, but this does not stop the unleashed fantasy of fangirls.

In recent times, during the release of the feature film “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes”, some almost-perfect (albeit fake) images and videoclips showing Kacchan and Ochaco sharing some moments together have spread through the web. Many believed they were actual scenes from the movie and hoped to watch them shortly afterwards on the big screen (some, on the contrary, publicly protested for the choice to create intimate moments for “Kacchako”).

Actually, as we said, those were just fanmade extracts (although of excellent quality). In particular, the videos have been created by the webartist known as DailyKrumbs.

Take a good look:

In  My Hero Academia the Movie there is actually the scene of a gala night in which the protagonists wear exactely these clothes. You will not find this romantic dance between Bakugou and Uraraka though (unfortunately!)

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
credits @DailyKrumbs


The scene below shows a combat training (or a re-match after the Sports Festival?) between Kacchan and Ochaco. It is perfect and suggests a closer relationship between the two. Too bad that it does not exist and that we will never see it in the anime.


And what about this fantastic crossover between “Kacchako” and another strongly shipped (but also hated) pair from Star Wars that is Rey and Kylo Ren?


Finally, what about this adorable “extra content” that was released last Halloween? It is so good it should definitely be canon.


Have you ever wondered how would a kiss among Bakugou and Uraraka look like? Our precious Daily Krumbs made it happen for real. Have a look at this animation on her twitter!!

So tell us: what’s your opinion? Is Kacchan / Ochaco a yes or a no? (I personally love the idea!) Please let us know in the comments.

See you next time, bye!

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship

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22 Comments on “Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship”

  1. No I do not ship it I actually don’t agree with it at all. I think that Kirishima and Bakugou should be together and Uraraka should be with Deku. KiriBaku is a great ship and makes a lot of sense, also Uraraka already likes Deku and Deku has shown feelings towards Uraraka. Kacchako is a ship that people just don’t enjoy because people want to see the ships that is with good and bad but that type of scenario has been done many times. KiriBaku on the other hand makes so much sense and of course when they rescued Bakugou he instantly came when Kirishima called out his name. Kirishima cares about Bakugou and has shown this many times before in the movie and anime. What I am trying to say is that Kacchako is a bad ship, and KiriBaku and UraDeku should be cannon.

    1. first of all, we’re talking about anime characters here. these aren’t even real characters so don’t overreact and be bratty about other people’s likings. i understand that some pairing of this show can inhabit your liking and dislikings, but please respect other people’s opinions about stuff like this. you can like what you want, but still.
      and this is a ship. a pairing that is either fictional or not, it doesn’t have to be canon whatsoever.
      second, kiribaku is so overused and common and it sort of… ruins a good friendship? i mean, i honestly prefer for katsuki and kiri to be friends over them being in a full-on relationship. i can’t see their personalities fiting together like other people can, i can only really see them as good friends. i like their friendship. and some of the kiribaku shippers are not nice to other shippers, honestly.
      the show is not even focused on romance. sure, there was that little arc in season 3 of uraraka getting a crush on deku but that went away a few episodes later. the show is more focused on action than anything. yes, i’m pretty sure that the romance will come back in someway, but for right now, no.
      this is a SHONEN manga, romance is the least aspect of it. if you come to bnha automatically assuming that a certain pairing is canon, then step out. this is honestly ridiculous.

    2. Kacchako ISN’T a ship that people just don’t enjoy because people want to see the ships that is with good and bad. We (fans of Kacchako) shipped them because they have beautiful momments care about each other, the way they face-off, how they treat each other, Etc…
      Yes!! I agree with you that KiriBaku is really good ship, but that is no gonna happen that they became husband and wife, Kirishima cares about Kacchan as a friend, a best friend, they help each other a lot, cus they’re friend, beautiful friendship!
      In My Hero Academia Movie, when Deku and the girl (sorry I don’t remember her name) trying to get on top of the tower, Ochako has stayed and fight with the robots, in a minute, she was in danger, and Bakugou came up blow those try to get close to her (no need to call at all).
      In Anime/Manga, Ochako likes Deku, they maybe a really good couple, but that don’t mean Kacchako is bad. We know that Kacchako maybe won’t came true, but they are beautiful and we love them.
      I’m not trying to change anything except that don’t misunderstand the reason we ship Kacchako, and how about not trying to think Kacchako is a bad ship?

  2. I absolutely think that they should be together, I feel like her being with Deku will be absolutely boring and extremely predictable, “oh the main guy gets with the main girl” I think that Ochako and Katsuki have extreme chemistry, I also believe Ochako isn’t this soft spoken frail lady everyone talks about, and that’s exactly what Katsuki noticed also, shes strong willed and outspoken. I believe they could have some pretty hilarious and cute banter, because Ochako definitely is the only person in class 1-A fit for Katsuki that also won’t let him get away with his usual bullshit.

    I believe Deku is a good match for Shouto and I wish we could see where their relationship would blossom. Izuku is the first person that Shouto opened up to and felt completely safe around and….. they could be beautiful.

    I digress, because this is an Anime and we unfortunately won’t be a M/M pairing, even if its requested more than the original ship they were trying to force onto us. Tododeku is actually the biggest ship in the fandom (followed by Katsuki/Eijiro but i think Ochako is more suited for Katsuki’s personality)

    I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. Basically I think this ship would be great but the creators will keep pushing Izuku/Ochako and that sucks

    1. Yess!! I agree!
      Bakugou and Uraraka is a wonderful ship!!
      Bakugou admit her efforts and fight her with all he had, he respect and admit Ochako’s tallent, her
      perseverance when she tried her best. That’s the thing that he do with not many people.
      Deku and Ochako is seems good, but I think many people falls for Kacchako because the special momments that they had. (Bakugou had called Uraraka is “Angel face” omg, i don’t know what’s the exactly meaning of the author, but it seem to be good? :0)

  3. I first saw the dance scene at a con and thought it to be real footage from either the movie or late season 3 that I had not yet seen. I was wondering if it would be revealed how Deku lost her, as her interest was with him and not Bakugou. Seems like the ladies always choose the other guy…

    1. I ship them to!
      But I wonders how you could shipped them since you just watch MHA?
      Because, Katsuki is handsome and Ochako is cute?
      Or because he call her “round face”?

    1. actually Izuku and Ochako are one of the less supported ships. The reason it’s most known is because of the fact the creators are trying to push it on us by attempting to make it cannon, however, from fans of the anime is was shown Midoriya/Todoroki where the most shipped couple, and Bakugou/Uraraka are shipped more than the Midoriya/Uraraka.

      It just feels like making them end up together is lazy and a lot of people see that

    2. Ochako and Bakugou maybe is more interesting than Ochako and Midoriya (cus their momments is so romance in some way, the way Bakugou cares about Ochako is special in some way too)

    1. Thanks. I don’t think Kohei Horikoshi would ever plan to make them a couple, so non-shippers (and haters too) have nothing to worry about 😉

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