Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship

Kacchako, la ship che divide i fan di My Hero Academia

Today we’ll deal with a topic that is very dear to all of My Hero Academia fangirls (me included) : the Bakugou and Uraraka ship .

In case someone still doesn’t know, shipping two characters together means wishing for a (potential) love story to blossom between the two of them. It’s something very typical in any existing fandom. It is not even necessary that the two guys do have a relationship, eventually. Actually this rarely happens. Usually, the more unlikely they are as a couple, the more they they tend to be object of fantasies and fan-art by the audience.

When it comes to My Hero Academia, the most debated couple among fans is the one (virtually) formed by Katsuki Bakugou and Ochaco Uraraka .

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
All the credits belong to the artist

Part of the fandom passionately supports the two of them together, while the rest rejects it with equal intensity, coming to blame publicly the creation of images, fan-fictions or fan-videos that put together short-tempered Kacchan and sweet Ochaco .

Like it or not, the amount of fan-art about this “pair” that one can find on the web is staggering. And that’s why it’s worth to look further at this . Where did the idea of ​​a “Kacchako” come from ? Is it totally groundless or is there a chance for the couple Kacchan / Ochaco to become canon (i.e. official)?

Is there chemistry between Bakugou and Uraraka ?

It all started with their face-off in the final stage of the Sports Festival (in My Hero Academia season 2). Uraraka was initially terrified by the idea of ​​facing the strongest and most ruthless amongst the heroes of class 1-A , yet she summons up all of her courage and motivation and takes the field ready to give her best.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
credits @DailyKrumbs

The battle of Quirks between the two is undoubtedly one of the most exciting chapters of the saga. Powerful Kacchan, who manages to end up victorious, is nonetheless forced not to spare himself to keep up with Uraraka . During the challenge, he recognizes her partner as a worthy rival, ​​someone who is anything but frail and weak.

Bakugou , the hero who respects nothing and no one, so much so that he doesn’t even bother to learn the names of his classmates addressing them with hasty nicknames, eventually turns to Uraraka calling her with her true name. A privilege that did not go unnoticed among fans. A demonstration of undeniable consideration.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
credits @DailyKrumbs

In their physical confrontation, the fans seem to have read something very sensual . It is difficult to say whether this was actually in the authors’ intentions, but undoubtedly, they both put a lot of passion into it!

Moreover, throughout the story, it becomes clear that Uraraka is one of the few (along with Midoriya and Kirishima ) who seems to understand Bakugou , his feelings and his weaknesses. Proof of that is the episode in season 3 where Deku , Todoroki and the others plan to free Bakugou , kidnapped by the league of Villains and All for One. On that occasion, it is Uraraka who objects that the boy, being overly proud, would not be happy if his companions were to save him.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
All the credits belong to the artist

Kacchan and Ochaco: Why do we like them together?

You know: the opposites attract each other. “Kacchako” is not (it would never be) a boring sugary couple: the good girl and the bad boy … how to resist? And the alleged dysfunctionality of such a pair (the detractors insist that Bakugou would surely end up hurting her) seems to excite even more the spirit of the fans.

Moreover, it is undeniable that a love story between such different personalities (he being impulsive and brutal, she being girly and lovable) might exist and might also work, as demonstrated by dozens of fictional or real couples that each of us know.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
All the credits belong to the artist

Finally, fans bring Bakugou‘s parents to support their ship : a very energetic and bad tempered mother and a gentle and quite father. If it worked for them, it will also work for Kacchan and Ochaco, right?

If sweet Uraraka would be a suitable partner for most of her schoolfellows (not only Deku and Bakugou but also Iida), who else – if not her- could you imagine as the girlfirend of bad-tempered Kacchan?

Why does the Kacchan / Ochaco couple have so many detractors?

The most radical opponents of this couple do not see Bakugou as a angry but good-hearted tsundere. They consider him a violent bastard and denounce the risk that he can hurt, in different ways, poor Uraraka .

Above all, they try to silence those who love to fantasize about this couple with this: Ochaco has a crush on Deku and the only love story that could develop within the saga is theirs.

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
credits @DailyKrumbs

Fan-art and headcanons … that seem real

The Bakugou / Uraraka couple may not be in the authors’ plans at the moment, but this does not stop the unleashed fantasy of fangirls.

In recent times, during the release of the feature film “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes”, some almost-perfect (albeit fake) images and videoclips showing Kacchan and Ochaco sharing some moments together have spread through the web. Many believed they were actual scenes from the movie and hoped to watch them shortly afterwards on the big screen (some, on the contrary, publicly protested for the choice to create intimate moments for “Kacchako”).

Actually, as we said, those were just fanmade extracts (although of excellent quality). In particular, the videos have been created by the webartist known as DailyKrumbs.

Take a good look:

In  My Hero Academia the Movie there is actually the scene of a gala night in which the protagonists wear exactely these clothes. You will not find this romantic dance between Bakugou and Uraraka though (unfortunately!)

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship
credits @DailyKrumbs


The scene below shows a combat training (or a re-match after the Sports Festival?) between Kacchan and Ochaco. It is perfect and suggests a closer relationship between the two. Too bad that it does not exist and that we will never see it in the anime.


And what about this fantastic crossover between “Kacchako” and another strongly shipped (but also hated) pair from Star Wars that is Rey and Kylo Ren?


Finally, what about this adorable “extra content” that was released last Halloween? It is so good it should definitely be canon.


Have you ever wondered how would a kiss among Bakugou and Uraraka look like? Our precious Daily Krumbs made it happen for real. Have a look at this animation on her twitter!!

So tell us: what’s your opinion? Is Kacchan / Ochaco a yes or a no? (I personally love the idea!) Please let us know in the comments.

See you next time, bye!

Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship

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112 Comments on “Kacchako: My Hero Academia fans are divided over the Kacchan+Ochaco ship”

    1. ?? whats facts, nothing stated canon-wise has shown uraraka or even bakugo attracted to each other. sometimes I wonder if people just come up with this stuff cos they are bored. at least think before you say it

    1. would you believe me if i told you it was the same Narusaku shippers who went into the bandwagon ship called bakugo and uraraka…..i kid you not, some already admitted it on quora

  1. Lol k I’m not a hardcore Kacchako shipper but they r kinda cute I’ll admit. Now before y’all start asking why I’m here, it’s because I was curious as to ur reasons for shipping Kacchako. Now that’s out of the way, there’s a lot of ship bashing going on and honestly I love BNHA but whatever becomes canon I’ll be happy with because the creators wouldn’t make a ship canon if it didn’t make sense, right? Also why some of u bashing ships like Todomomo and Bakudeku and Kiribaku? While I don’t necessarily ship some of these (which isn’t relevant to the point I’m making), you can have an opinion but they DO have some chemistry (how MUCH chemistry is not for me to say). I don’t think any ship bashing should be going on except in dire cases like when people rant about stuff like Dabi x Todoroki / Endeavour x Todoroki / All Might x Deku (ROMANTICALLY! gag) like dude someone call the cops
    Anyways thank u for ur time, have a good day 😀

    1. i like to be rational and logical in everything i do, emotions are trash and dont have no value because 100% of the time they lead you down the wrong road hence why in all my animes I DONT SHIP ANYONE its for weakminded people who require an excuse to enjoy something. i am very simple and straightfoward which you will see in my answer below

      congratulation you have become like the rest of the world. mistaking nothing for something and you wonder why people no longer care about relationships in the 21st century or why divorce is now prevalent among young married couples. and guess what its because of peoples mentality like yours. plus even you should know that dating bad boys dont end well (you have seen the movies, tv shows heck even oprah or jerry springer show) – physically, emotionally or anything related it does not end well and depending on bakugo, it will be an abusive relationship, he said she wasnt weak and he doesnt view her as weak which means the moment she starts being weakminded or start acting like a girl or when he gets angry he will fight her and beat her insanely. ill leave the aftermath to your imagination

      now i am also going to tell you a very cold harsh truth because in your answer i thought you were going to be logical and rational but nope you just had to join the bandwagons called “they have chemistry”.

      First of all, just because someone in this case bakugo who said “you are not weak or you are strong, depending on the translations” DOES NOT absolutely in any way or possiblity mean they are a couple, they like each other or inYOUR WORDS they have chemistry. that is the kind of talk you get from someone who is mentally immature and cant understand why they said something

      do not mistake something for nothing, that is a sure fireway to get into trouble. please think more rather than following the nonsense people are spouting. if you had given me your reasons i would have said okay this commenter can really think very well BUT NO you just had to join the bandwagon called they have chemistry which is the excuse everyone uses to try and push this sinking ship called bakugo and ochaco

      you are a smart person, you have no business joining this people who cant see past the nonsense they wish to. i also know that you are smart from the way you wrote your answer but sadly i have seen it all, i have been on quora, reddit and even twitter so your answer doesnt suprise me, what did however was how how a smart person can join the bandwagon of others and not have an opinion themselves.

      am pretty sure in my answer i told you or anyone who read it that just because someone is nice to you or said you are not weak doesnt mean chemistry or anything. its just what weakminded people want to see. if anyone is that weak and feel the need to come up with ships WITH absolutely no logic involved, then they are truly weak because only someone who is mentally immature will seek to find something from nothing or see meaning where there isnt. that alone is a sign of true weakness. if one is mentally stable, they should be able to explain why they see something or atleast know why they see it

  2. okay seriously NO hate but frankly no one cares about shipping in an anime no less, only people with too much time on their hands actually sit down and think who am i going to ship today, frankly its moronic seeing as that time could be spent on something productive like making an app or achieving something like crossing an item of your bucket list

    like what you like it doesnt matter cos its an anime if anyone wanted they could choose different routes hence why IT DOESNT MATTER, dont attach importance to somethat that doesnt even warrant half the time spent because it just shows immaturity,

    now for the nitty-gritty, only A TRUE FAN knows bakugo doesn’t give a s**t about relationships not when hes trying to defeat deku because right now in the manga deku has surpassed bakugo by a mile, imagine soloing a villain even bakugo hasnt done that and survived. only when bakugo does that can he manage to even try and close that mile gap

    so instead of worrying about shipping this and that(heck i have seen someone ship paper and chair) the internet is a weird place and yall aint helping it either. Pray that bakugo doesnt become a second rate hero because all you shippers are trying to force a romance that doesnt exist, trying to twist the authors arm into giving in to something that is not in his vision

    want me to spell it out, if the author focuses on relationship for bakugo it would mean he wont improve therefore wont become an A list hero………have you ever seen a hero who became one from chooing to chase relationships NOPE batman would tell you that much, if you want to be a hero LET it be your singular goal, that is what ochako and deku is doing in the manga
    yall harpies keep on harping about bakugo watch the author nerf him down to nothing maybe that will wake yall up after all its the shippers who always manage to ruin a good sory by sending death threats to the author to make him pick their ship.

  3. ur saying leave it up to the people who made the show
    So leave it up to the people who made the show. Stop pressuring people with your ship
    Also, I deny that they’re a great ship, so speak for yourself
    There’s nothing wrong with it, but I personally wouldn’t call it great
    It’s one-sided. Bakugou never really tries to get Uraraka’s attention, and if I’m forgetting something, that’s just proof it’s unimportant and small. At least Deku and Bakugou have a background, and at least they stop hating each other and started having a healthy rivalry. Kirishima and Bakugou are friends because Kirishima actually reaches out to Bakugou and almost forces him to open up to him, which Bakugou later does.
    I mean, Kirishima is the one who started the idea of saving him and the only person Bakugou wants to be saved by.

    I’m not saying Kachako is bad. I’m not saying you can’t ship them. I’m just saying that there are other ships out there for me and that we’re all entitled to our own opinion, including the bunches of BakuDeku and KiriBaku shippers who are having your opinion shoved down their throats
    so kindly sh

    1. Hi Jaylen, not sure who you are replying to because honestly I got a little lost among all these comments (most of them funny, some of them a little bit too aggressive) anyway I need to point out just one thing. Most of the comments are showing a strong hate and repulsion for the Kacchako ship while, on the other hand, I don’t see any attack from Kacchako shippers to non-shipper nor I saw them try to force people in loving this pair.
      I hope the whole Kacchako article is ironic and easy enough not to push people to fight and I think it’s okay to strongly love a couple or strongly love another one instead.
      I wish anything could be said kindly and without hate. But I can’t agree when you say Kacchako shippers here press other people to ship them too. I think they are not the ones who spread hate as they are frequently told they are sick and their ship is disgusting.
      For once, let’s say everybody’s fantasies are legit and do no harm.
      Who even cares what is canon and what is not?
      Thank you for your comment 😉

    2. Hello! Personally i support your ship but i’m not really into the bakukiri or bakudeku it just weird’s me out like kacchan and deku don’t really like each other and you can see the way deku acts around uraraka, he blushes a lot around her especially when she gets close (i love when that happens!) and i can kinda see the kirishima and bakugou thing going around but i don’t think it’s gonna be possible! Okay now about the kacchako ship, really everything started at the sports festival when bakugou had to go up against uraraka you can see that bakugou never really pays attention to anyone’s names so he gives everyone some nicknames i know it was really cute when he called her “pink cheeks” but i don’t think he was flirting with her trying to show he had feelings for her and plus bakugou never tries to get uraraka’s attention like he rarely ever talked to her. When i saw the photo online of bakugou and uraraka dancing i was excited to watch the two hero’s movie and i thought it was gonna happen when i saw them all dressed up in the exact same outfits as the photo so i was excited! But it turned out it was just a drawing, i wasn’t upset or anything because i’m not a fan of kacchako. Anyways i’m not trying to change your opinion i support your opinion but mostly my ships are (Deku x Uraraka) (Kirishima x Ashido) and probably Bakugou and the mental hospital. Don’t get me wrong tho i personally in love with bakugou but i don’t see any girls that he seems to have interest in. Thank you for your time.

    3. If you don’t ship them then you should’ve clicked off the article instead of being that annoying person nobody likes.

  4. I personally don’t like this ship as much, I still think Kirishima x Bakugou is the best ship I have ever come across. Ochako is so freaking cute but fierce, Bakugou’s fiery energy I have to say can be irritating but manageable, I could imagine Bakugou calling Ochako “Teddy bear” >w<

    1. Ok ok but the only reason I ship them is because I look like Uraraka and I have and obsession with Baku (yes ik it’s not ok) so that’s why I ship them. Other than that bakudeku and bakukiri

      1. I look like Uraraka too, and i have a obbsesion whit Baku too OwO. I ship they bcs Kirishima don’t like Katsuki…..and for me its weird to ship bestie x bestie. Anyways.I think they are cute togheter.(Uravity x Angry pomeranian)

        1. Kirishima actually does like (not like like but you know what i mean) Katsuki but i dont ship them.. I ship bakudeku on looks but not personality soooo kacchaco is a nice ship and I wish I looked like Uraraka but I have black hair 🙁 I am also OBSESSED with Bakugou (and deku a little) he is sooooooooooooooooo cute/hot. LOL

  5. I personally don’t like this ship as much, I still think Kirishima x Bakugou is the best ship I have ever come across. Ochako is so freaking cute but fierce, Bakugou’s fiery energy I have to say can be irritating but manageable, I could imagine Bakugou calling Ochako “Teddy bear” >w<

  6. Ok so honestly, I am not a fan of this ship, but I tolerate it, and some of the fan art is actually really cute. Kachako is a cute ship, so they got that right, but personally, it’s not my thing.

    Before you start coming at me and asking why I even clicked on this link and why I am even saying anything, I want to say my opinion on who I ship the characters with, you may agree may not, who knows.

    honestly, I love the ship Kiribaku or Bakushima. It just makes sense in my opinion. And with Ochako, I ship her with Tsuyu mostly, sometimes Deku. It just makes sense to me, I dunno. Don’t come at me for liking these ships lol. And adding with the Two Heroes fake picture (ITS FRIGGIN ADORABLE AHH) It’s cute, one of the cute fan art pictures I like with that ship, but not the ship itself.

    Thank you for listening to my rant. I will now be off stirring up trouble somewhere and working on schoolwork. Peace. ✌

  7. *** THEY ARE A GREAT SHIP AND NO ONE DENIES IT!! PLEZ STOP BEING MEAN! IT IS JUST A SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! SO HOW ABOUT YOU LEAVE IT TO THE DAM SHOW MAKERS TO CHOSE THE RELATIONSHIPS! k?? i hope you stop being mean to the people about the show please and thank you!!


    1. like what you like frankly no one cares, you didnt need to write all of it in caps and also nobody cares about bakugo x uraraka because A TRUE FAN knows bakugo doesnt give a s**t about relationships not when hes trying to defeat deku because right now in the manga deku has surpassed bakugo by a mile, imagine soloing a villain even bakugo hasnt done that and survived

      so instead of worrying about shipping pray that bakugo doesnt become a second rate hero because all you shippers are trying to force a romance that doesnt exist

  8. hey you can have an opinion but please respect that other people have theirs and dont bash any ships.
    im nt saying i ship it but you should never bash a ship that isnt illegal.

  9. People need to understand that the manga/anime isn’t over yet. The students still have a few more years to go at UA. The character development arcs have barely begun. Anything can happen in these years, there could be a new character who Deku ends up with, Bakugo could become a nice guy, some character could even die! Just because you don’t like a ship, doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the future. The only ship that has a chance of happening right now is Izuocha, every other ship is fan made because it doesn’t exist in the manga/anime. So one fan made ship isn’t superior over another. Actually we don’t even know if Izuocha will happen. Horikoshi could end up changing things last minute for all we know. So stop being butt hurt just because someone likes a ship that you don’t.

    Now this is my personal opinion on these ships so if you don’t like it, just ignore it:

    While it seems clear that Horikoshi is going on the Izuocha path, I don’t really think they’ll end up together because their story seems too stale (to me). First of all, Deku looks at Uraraka the same way he looks at every other girl. He blushes when he is near every girl so it’s not really clear if he likes Uraraka (this could easily be changed and make them into a thing, though). Plus once they confess, that’s it, that’s the end of their story. As for Kacchako, (if it were to happen) there would be some kind of building up to their story. Looking at how they are now, they could never end up together but in the long run, it’s quite possible and that’s what Kacchako shippers look at. They’re not expecting Bakugo to wake up all of a sudden and end up with Uraraka, they’re expecting them to slowly grow together. It’s not a stupid ship, it’s just thinking into the future. Bakugo may only be in speaking terms with Kirishima right now but he’ll most likely make more friends and with that, more ships will be formed. You never know who will end up with who. So please don’t try to shame other for liking a ship that you don’t.

    1. Exactly!!! I agree with all of this. Even the personal opinion part! I really don’t believe that Izuocha is gonna make it, by looking at it from a bigger picture. I’m a Kachacco shipper, and I do believe that by the time the manga’s over, Bakugo and Uraraka will be a couple. There’s a lot of different factors into it all, but that’s what I believe in summery. People need to stop being so immature tho, like it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like it’s wrong, like the Deku x Eri ship(which is fucking disgusting).


    1. OOookay so first of all, I dont ship Momo and Todoroki, I’ll just get that out of the way, second of all, Momo is not a bad person. Just because she is getting in the way of your ship doesn’t mean that you should say stuff like that. What in the actual hell makes her a bad person?

    2. This was- enerjetic…I dont ship Momo and Todo either but- O-o
      I personally ship him with- Soba 🙂
      I kind of ship Bakudeku…but idk 🙂 Todo doesn’t fit with anyone but Soba, Momo, or maybe Deku.

  11. This is our opinion. In the first place, why would you click on this link if you dont support this ship. Second, spreading hate towards a ship is immature. Although I dont ship kacchako, i have no idea why people spread unnecessary hate to this adorable and wholesome ship. We never hated towards any ship (in my case I havent seen any) and all of you have the courage to act like immature babies that wasn’t able to get what they wanted.

    1. Some people, like me, probably clicked on this ship because they didn’t understand the hype/reasoning behind the Kachako ship.
      I personally don’t ship it either, but I throw no hate. It’s alright, but not in the canon world, in my opinion.
      In the canon world, the relationship would be one-sided, as Bakugou has never made any indication he has feelings for or even cares for Uraraka throughout the series.
      In an ideal AU, where the two characters didn’t dislike each other, it’s a good enough ship and I have nothing against it.
      The annoying thing, however, is when people who like the ship shove it down your throats and get mad at you if you have anything against it.
      You say spreading hate towards ships is immature. Does that include Deku x Eri or Aizawa x Tsuyu? Of course it doesn’t, because we all know that’s disgusting.
      One little comment on a website that not many people are gonna see isn’t gonna make people stop publicly dislike a ship, but you know what’s really immature? Letting some random person’s opinion get to you. Calm down

  12. I hope this doesn’t happen in canon. I feel like neither Bakugo or Izuku are interesting for Uraraka. In a weird way, they both feel most predictable, but also kind of would both feel forced.

    I would ship Uraraka with Shoto. Her personality seems similar to his mom in some ways. And I’d ship Izuku with Mei I think, seems they’d get along, and Izuku seems more fascinated by her then he is Uraraka. For Bakugo, I think I go with Himiko, would be a pretty interesting couple, she’s like his villain alter ego. It seems she’s what he could become if he lost his good side.

  13. Personally, I really love this ship lol. They could be more interesting if Horikoshi intended to explore their relationship, whether it’s romantically and platonically cause I really LOVE those sweet dynamics between them.

    Also, I don’t get why people kept badmouthing this ship like, oh my God, this is just a ship. Let people ship whoever they want.
    Yes we all know Kacchako will never happen. Yes their relationship is based solely by respect. Yes it didn’t make sense.

    So WHAT?

    People have their taste in ship and it won’t hurt anyone. I’ll respect your ship as long it’s not problematic. You can disagree or hate the ship but you don’t have to attack anyone who likes it. Is it that hard?

  14. I don’t get why people kept badmouthing this ship like, oh my God, this is just a ship.
    Let people ship whoever they want. Yes we all know Kacchako will never happen. Yes their relationship is based solely by respect. Yes it didn’t make sense.

    So WHAT?

    People have their taste in ship and it won’t hurt anyone.

    1. The amount of shade you threw while “correcting” them. Not sure if you meant to, but you sound like you were mocking those who do ship them, as well as those standing up for the shippers.

  15. Kacchako Shippers can’t see that there is a difference between respect and (romantic)love and while the two go hand in hand, respecting someone doesn’t immediately mean that you have romantic feelings for them. E.g. Bakugo respects Aizawa and there’s no romance between them. I could probably ship Kacchako in a platonic way but that’s it.

    1. no i understand there is a difference and im not saying at this point in their platonic relationship should anything happen between them i just personally think if the writers chose to try having them grow closer eve as friends they would be a really interesting and entertaining pair weather its friendly or more.

  16. My guy, what? That’s not at all what would end up happening if they were to be together…

  17. yeah , then she will end up like Endavours wife and be sent to a mental hospital . that is so stupid

    1. My guy, what? That’s not at all what would end up happening if they were to be together…

    2. You shouldn’t call anyone’s ship stupid. Its rude and unnecessary. Who knows? Maybe Horikoshi might decide to make this cannon instead of IzuOcha. I don’t necessarily love this ship, but you should respect everyone’s ships anyway. Horikoshi said it himself on the first page of volume one, hes making this manga for his enjoyment. So really if he doesn’t like it.. it probably won’t end up happening.

  18. Exactly , I don’t even see why people would ship them . it reminds me of the idiots who shipped Hinata and Sasuki .
    I remember while reading the manga there was a panel when Bakugo cursed Uraraka and said f**k you .

    1. omg fr tho i hate it that too it dont make sense this ship be kinda stupid like you can clearly see that bakugou doesnt kije her at all he jusrt respects her srry but this ship makes me angry af

      1. Tanuki-sama
        Your grammar is horrible. Maybe you should be working on that instead of bashing ships. Someone here spends too much time starting pointless arguments, instead of focusing on rising above their own stupidity..

  19. this article is from last year, but I stumbled upon it while looking for kacchako wallpapers and I gotta say: this ship is one of the ones I am incredibly invested in. they have so many moments and their chemistry is immaculate. I (and many of my friends who ship kacchako) ship it not because Ochako is a “soft good girl” and Bakugou is this angry bad boy (he goes to bed at 8 pm every night and has perfect grades, he’s a nerd through and through) but rather, ochako doesn’t take any of bakugous bullshit, and he doesn’t scare her. she’ll call him out when he’s being an ass, but she still has a great respect for him. he literally kickstarted her development. Bakugou has shown to be concerned for her before, she’s one of the only people he’s called by name, he thinks she’s strong and respectable, and they just. they have tons of moments and plus they’d make a Badass hero duo
    anyways sorry for rambling, I just really love this ship and they’re very important to me. but im also a multi shipper, so I think kiribaku is cute too ! kacchako is just a big comfort ship of mine 🙂

      1. Exactly , I don’t even see why people would ship them . it reminds me of the idiots who shipped Hinata and Sasuki .
        I remember while reading the manga there was a panel when Bakugo cursed Uraraka and said f**k you .

    1. You. I like you. You actually show VALID points to support your opinion. People in this thread are making HUGE stretches to prove their points that are making Bakugou out to be a monster. Comparing him to Endeavor as well… It’s unimaginable. It really goes to show that some people don’t understand him at all, nor do they understand all of his development. Bakugou is nowhere near abusive like Endeavor. Endeavor crushes other people to rise to the top. Bakugou betters HIMSELF to get there. Not to mention, a lot of the people in the replies to this article are putting down others just for a ship they like and find comfort in. It’s not cool at all, honestly. Let people enjoy things.

  20. I don’t ship (no offense)
    It just doesn’t feel right? Idk bakugou only cares about beating Izuku and I personally ship Uraraka w/ Izuku instead.
    Fyi. Nice article

  21. i don’t ship them because when they were in the U.A academy deku saved Ochako’s life which is where I make my point that I ship Deku+Ochako

  22. I honestly ship Kacchako but this is a shounen anime so the main focus is not romance. The author of the manga has stated that he wants to add those kinds of things, like highschool drama and romance, but unfortunately can’t because he’s trying to stick to the plot of the story (Which would be Deku becoming the number one hero). Even if there were to be a crush between any of the students, it’s kind of a given that they will shove it under the rug. They are at UA to become hero’s and most of them are focused on that, excluding a couple of course. My point is, don’t expect much romance or any at all. Of course the author is going to try to tease us with cute little moments but I feel as if it won’t lead anywhere. I haven’t read the manga but that’s what I’ve gathered from the anime. But everyone continue to support your OTP!! Because after all it’s up to the creator, and who knows maybe he’ll surprise us! 😀

    1. in my opinion kachako is stupid and dumb, considering ochako is one of the worst characters

      1. How TF is Ochaco one of the worst characters? SHE’S A QUEEN, SHE’S THE BEST, I LOVE HER AND ABSOLUTELY SIMP FOR HER

        And IzuOcha is my BNHA OTP

  23. Eu acho que deku e o chako termina junto i a ser muito preguiçoso e muito cliche. ja vi muito isso em outras obras

  24. I honestly don’t hate this ship but I don’t see it happening in the future of the series. If you read the manga you will notice that Bakugo only realy cares about out doing Midoriya as a hero. Bakugo hasn’t shown any romantic feelings for Ururaka at all but it’s fine if you ship them I just feel like he might end up with Camie as the story continues. You will also notice that Ururaka has been falling hard for Midoriya if you go further into the series and they look amazing together while helping each other grow as characters. I prefer Ururaka X Midoriya but I won’t show hate to people who don’t agree with my shipping tastes. I remember how the NaruSaku fans reacted when NaruHina happened in the Naruto series sending death threats to the writer of the series and that’s just wrong to do as you shouldn’t try to ruin a series for other people and it’s not your story to tell in the first place. While it’s true that opposites attract it’s also true that girls want kind and caring guys who they know can take care of them and honestly I don’t see Bakugo being like that towards Ururaka.

  25. Ok, ok?
    I’ll be quick, don’t what to reel anyone.
    There alot of moments missing from the anime.
    Like when Midoriya knew the villains tried to capture Bakugou and Krishima yelled “Bakugou” in the manga Uraraka yelled at the same time as week and not Idia. I can continue about the moments but it’s not important.
    What’s important is that understanding between them. While everyone else Uraraka knows Bakugou will not go easy on her and Bakugou know she is strong.
    Uraraka completely understood Bakugou feelings in the rescue arc.
    I think that this understanding is a good base to. A relationship.
    And I’m shipping it HARD

  26. I love the ship but me being a star wars fan knowing that this isn’t anything like star wars klyo and Ren that is totally different please don’t compare that trust me it’s not what you think but I understand you

  27. The biggest issue I have with Kaachako is the spreading of misinformation by some of the fans of the pairing. The dance ‘screencap’ is the biggest offender. It’s well made, don’t get me wrong. I also don’t have an issue with the content being made. Support your ship. That said, it is off-putting how some of the zealots are disguising their fanon creations off as official material to mislead others.

  28. Actually there is more Izuku x Uraraka than there is Bakugo x Uraraka, but anyways, I would rather see Bakugo end up with someone else, they still have 2 more years at UA and they can change up the classes and add in even more students.

    1. ahem…. this is a bad ship it’s kiribaku obviously because bakugou and kirishima have a lot of bonding times witch make it so obvious
      so next tododeku you know how in the second season todoroki and deku fight each other well that’s pretty much they had a lot of gay wind going on talking ab how they are going to beat them

      EXPLAIND*. these are my thoughts

  29. I think that the Bakugou X Uraraka is sooooo cute and I think it should definitely happen I just feel like they would be so good for each other even though in the anime right now it seems like the creator is leaning more to the Deku x Uraraka ship but I feel like that ship is just like OK you’re young you have a crush cool but I think when they’re older Bakugou and Uraraka will be way better for each other and they’re just adorable.( and there’s some times in the anime where I feel like that could just be a spark to start their relationship)

    1. Honestly, the author should stick with the deku x uraraka ship. Like its not just because uraraka likes deku. Its because of their moments, in the beginning deku had no friends because he was consantly bullied by bakugo. Then, he met uraraka and made his first friend. And then they save each other. Also, uraraka boost deku’s self esteem and gave him a little confidence. Izuku always hated the “deku” only because kacchan would make fun of him by using that name. Also, after the sports festival, Izuku was the first one to make sure she was okay after her fight with bakugo. So for uraraka to just end up with bakugo, only for the sake of a good girl x bad boy trope doesn’t make sense.

    2. yeah , then she will end up like Endavours wife and be sent to a mental hospital . that is so stupid

  30. No I do not ship it I actually don’t agree with it at all. I think that Kirishima and Bakugou should be together and Uraraka should be with Deku. KiriBaku is a great ship and makes a lot of sense, also Uraraka already likes Deku and Deku has shown feelings towards Uraraka. Kacchako is a ship that people just don’t enjoy because people want to see the ships that is with good and bad but that type of scenario has been done many times. KiriBaku on the other hand makes so much sense and of course when they rescued Bakugou he instantly came when Kirishima called out his name. Kirishima cares about Bakugou and has shown this many times before in the movie and anime. What I am trying to say is that Kacchako is a bad ship, and KiriBaku and UraDeku should be cannon.

    1. first of all, we’re talking about anime characters here. these aren’t even real characters so don’t overreact and be bratty about other people’s likings. i understand that some pairing of this show can inhabit your liking and dislikings, but please respect other people’s opinions about stuff like this. you can like what you want, but still.
      and this is a ship. a pairing that is either fictional or not, it doesn’t have to be canon whatsoever.
      second, kiribaku is so overused and common and it sort of… ruins a good friendship? i mean, i honestly prefer for katsuki and kiri to be friends over them being in a full-on relationship. i can’t see their personalities fiting together like other people can, i can only really see them as good friends. i like their friendship. and some of the kiribaku shippers are not nice to other shippers, honestly.
      the show is not even focused on romance. sure, there was that little arc in season 3 of uraraka getting a crush on deku but that went away a few episodes later. the show is more focused on action than anything. yes, i’m pretty sure that the romance will come back in someway, but for right now, no.
      this is a SHONEN manga, romance is the least aspect of it. if you come to bnha automatically assuming that a certain pairing is canon, then step out. this is honestly ridiculous.

      1. okay, wow. that’s a lot to unpack.

        i mean this in the nicest way possible when i say you sound a little bratty too (especially at the end there, damn). you have a massive point with the “bnha is a shonen anime” thing, but the passive-aggressive way you’re presenting your arguments is honestly more than a little off-putting. however, i do agree that op was brash. just coming out and saying kacchako is a bad ship is disrespectful to those who really love it. that being said, kacchako isn’t my cup of tea. don’t get me wrong, i don’t DESPISE it, i’m just not really invested in it. by the time i learned of kacchako, i was already kind of hooked on kiribaku, and i’m stubborn in my ways. i actually feel like uraraka and bakugou would make an awesome pair of besties, since uraraka has developed a “no-bullshit” policy when it comes to bakugou’s antics, but i respect kacchako. i, personally, ship kiribaku (well, i call it bakushima) and tododeku (yes, i’m one of THOSE fans). not gonna lie, the bit about kiribaku being common and ruining a good frienship kinda stung (so did the “some kiribaku shippers can be mean to others” bit, but i can’t really fight you on that since it’s the truth; every fandom has toxic shippers).

        now for the OTHER thing, and please excuse me in this paragraph if i get bitchy. although i agree that fanon has a whole life of its own, i feel like it should at least have SOME connections (however small) to the canon so the pairings aren’t too outlandish (COUGH TSUYU X MINETA COUGH).

        basically, kacchako is a good ship (one that makes sense, too), but it’s not for me, personally. i have a healthy respect for it.

      2. dude your saying that they’re bratty. I hate people that do this, maybe reread your comment a few times before you post it. “this is honestly ridiculous.” … really. What’s the difference between what they did and what you did. You both stated opinions, you just said it rudely and said it offended other people. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, they obviously weren’t trying to be offensive so chill.

      3. Just because one krbk fan was rude to you doesnt mean theyre all not nice. Hate the ship not the shippers.

    2. Kacchako ISN’T a ship that people just don’t enjoy because people want to see the ships that is with good and bad. We (fans of Kacchako) shipped them because they have beautiful momments care about each other, the way they face-off, how they treat each other, Etc…
      Yes!! I agree with you that KiriBaku is really good ship, but that is no gonna happen that they became husband and wife, Kirishima cares about Kacchan as a friend, a best friend, they help each other a lot, cus they’re friend, beautiful friendship!
      In My Hero Academia Movie, when Deku and the girl (sorry I don’t remember her name) trying to get on top of the tower, Ochako has stayed and fight with the robots, in a minute, she was in danger, and Bakugou came up blow those try to get close to her (no need to call at all).
      In Anime/Manga, Ochako likes Deku, they maybe a really good couple, but that don’t mean Kacchako is bad. We know that Kacchako maybe won’t came true, but they are beautiful and we love them.
      I’m not trying to change anything except that don’t misunderstand the reason we ship Kacchako, and how about not trying to think Kacchako is a bad ship?

      1. literally the bases behind this ship (like most) are people like you making stuff up or exaggerating. where is it shown they care about each other? they don’t even interact! there are no beautiful moments, there is no chemistry, they don’t even acknowledge each other’s existence. your so-called proof were two things that aren’t real and don’t count ( no moments and they faced off once because they were supposed to it was an event) followed by a useless “etc” because there is nothing else. as of today were almost 300 chaps in and the Sahara desert has more life in it. it’s not a bad ship it’s a terrible one.

        1. The Sahara desert comparison really made me laugh 😀
          You may be right, you most probably are. But where’s the harm in looking for subtle details to corroborate this ship? I think hardly anyone believes Kacchako is happening in the manga. We know there are no signs that he or she is starting to have feelings for the other. It’s just like when you see two cool people and, to your own eyes, they seem to have chemistry togheter so you think “They would be so cute togheter!!” – Never done that in your life?
          So here some people think they would fit well togheter and love to imagine possible scenarios. I think it’s legitimate. It’s a ship, it’s not exegesis. Maybe trash, but it’s for fun.

  31. I absolutely think that they should be together, I feel like her being with Deku will be absolutely boring and extremely predictable, “oh the main guy gets with the main girl” I think that Ochako and Katsuki have extreme chemistry, I also believe Ochako isn’t this soft spoken frail lady everyone talks about, and that’s exactly what Katsuki noticed also, shes strong willed and outspoken. I believe they could have some pretty hilarious and cute banter, because Ochako definitely is the only person in class 1-A fit for Katsuki that also won’t let him get away with his usual bullshit.

    I believe Deku is a good match for Shouto and I wish we could see where their relationship would blossom. Izuku is the first person that Shouto opened up to and felt completely safe around and….. they could be beautiful.

    I digress, because this is an Anime and we unfortunately won’t be a M/M pairing, even if its requested more than the original ship they were trying to force onto us. Tododeku is actually the biggest ship in the fandom (followed by Katsuki/Eijiro but i think Ochako is more suited for Katsuki’s personality)

    I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. Basically I think this ship would be great but the creators will keep pushing Izuku/Ochako and that sucks

    1. Yess!! I agree!
      Bakugou and Uraraka is a wonderful ship!!
      Bakugou admit her efforts and fight her with all he had, he respect and admit Ochako’s tallent, her
      perseverance when she tried her best. That’s the thing that he do with not many people.
      Deku and Ochako is seems good, but I think many people falls for Kacchako because the special momments that they had. (Bakugou had called Uraraka is “Angel face” omg, i don’t know what’s the exactly meaning of the author, but it seem to be good? :0)

  32. I first saw the dance scene at a con and thought it to be real footage from either the movie or late season 3 that I had not yet seen. I was wondering if it would be revealed how Deku lost her, as her interest was with him and not Bakugou. Seems like the ladies always choose the other guy…

    1. I ship them to!
      But I wonders how you could shipped them since you just watch MHA?
      Because, Katsuki is handsome and Ochako is cute?
      Or because he call her “round face”?

  33. nooooo, I think we all ship midoriya and uraraka because they’d be cuter together.

    1. actually Izuku and Ochako are one of the less supported ships. The reason it’s most known is because of the fact the creators are trying to push it on us by attempting to make it cannon, however, from fans of the anime is was shown Midoriya/Todoroki where the most shipped couple, and Bakugou/Uraraka are shipped more than the Midoriya/Uraraka.

      It just feels like making them end up together is lazy and a lot of people see that

    2. Ochako and Bakugou maybe is more interesting than Ochako and Midoriya (cus their momments is so romance in some way, the way Bakugou cares about Ochako is special in some way too)

  34. I don’t ship it but I’m not gonna hate on it. Like whatever ya want to. Nice article.

    1. Thanks. I don’t think Kohei Horikoshi would ever plan to make them a couple, so non-shippers (and haters too) have nothing to worry about 😉

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