Nonexaustive list of web acronyms

Nonexaustive list of web acronyms

AFAIK As Far As I Know.

AFAIR As Far As I Remember.

AFK Away from Keyboard.

AIUI As I Understand It.

AKA Also Known As.

ALAP As Late As Possible.

ASAP As Soon As Possible.

ASD – See LOL (using the leftmost 3 letters on a QWERTY keyboard.

ASL Age, Sex & Location.

ATM At The Moment.

AYQ Ask Your Question.

BAK Back At Keyboard.

BATK Back At The Keyboard.

BBFN Bye Bye For Now.

BBIAF Be Back In A Few.

BBL Be Back Later.

BBQ Be Back Quick.

BBS Be Back Soon.

BFF Best Friend Forever.

BRB Be Right Back.

BTW By The Way.

CU See You.

CYA See You Again.

D/C Disconnected..

DND Do Not Disturb.

F2F Face To Face.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

FOAF Friend Of A Friend.

FTR For The Record.

FTW For The Win or Fuck The World.

FYI For Your Information.

G2G Got To Go.

GBTW Go Back To Work.

GL HF Good Luck, Have Fun.

GMAB Give Me A Break.

GMTA Great Minds Think Alike.

GRZ Gratz.

GTFO Get The Fuck Out.

GZ Gratz.

HAND Have A Nice Day.

HTH Hope This Helps.

IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer.

ICYMI In Case You Missed It.

IDK I Don’t Know.

IHM I Hate Myself.

IIRC If I Recall Correctly.

ILY I Love You.

IMO In My Opinion.

IMHO In My Humble Opinion.

IRL In Real Life.

JFTR Just For The Record.

JFYIJust For Your Info.

J/K Just Kidding .

JLYK Just Letting You Know.

JSYK Just So You Know.

KTB Ok Thanks Bye.

LMAO Laughing My Ass Off .

LMK Let Me Know.

LOL Laughing Out Loud.

LTNS Long Time No See.


MFW My Face When.

MMORPGMassive Multiplayer Online RPG.

MYOB Mind Your Own Business.

N1 Nice One.

N8 Night.

NP No Problem.

NSWF Not Suitable For Work.

NVM Nevermind.

OAO Over And Out.

OFW Out For Work.

OMG Oh My God.

OOO Out Of Office or Out Of Order.

OOW Out Of Work.

OTP One True Pairing.

PAW Parents Are Watching.

PLMK Please Let Me Know.

PVE Player Versus Environment.

PVP Player Versus Player.

PWNED Owned (supposedly missing the O key).

RL Real Life.

RR RickRolling, RickRolled.

ROFL Rolling On (the) Floor Laughing.

ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off.

ROTFLASTC Rolling on the floor laughing and scaring the cat.

RPG Role-Playing Game.

RTFB Read The Fucking Book.

RTS Real-Time Strategy (Game).

RTFM Read The Fucking Manual.

SMH Shaking My Head.

SMHO Shaking My Head Off.

STFU Shut The Fuck Up.

TBH To Be Honest.

TGIF Thank God It’s Friday.

TINLAThis Is Not Legal Advice.

TL;DR Too Long, Didn’t Read.

TMI Too Much Info.

TTYL Talk To You Later.

TY Thank You.

TYT Take Your Time.

TWD Texting While Driving.

WB Welcome Back.

WTF What The Fuck.

WTG Way To Go.

WTH What The Hell.

YHBT You Have Been Trolled.

YOLO You Only Live Once.

YVWYou’re Very Welcome.

YW You’re Welcome.

zOMG Oh My God (supposedly missing the shift key).


Grand Total (so far): 111

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