Public Service Broadcasting – Go!

Public Service Broadcasting - Go!

I would like to share this spectacular music video by Public Service Broadcasting, a talented electro-rock british duo that, instead of a singer, uses public service audio samples in their songs.

The track is part of The Race for Space full-length album, their second effort, currently one of the top 20 in the british charts. Each one of the nine track featured in the album focus a specific space mission among those made during the space programs who took place during the the cold war between USA and URSS. Go! is dedicated to the Apollo 11, the one that, in the 20th of July 1968, brought Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon. According to the authors, all the vocal samples used in the song are part of the mission’s official records.

For additional information about the band you can also visit the official site and the band’s Youtube Channel.

Here’s the music video: enjoy!

Public Service Broadcasting: Go!

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