Hanacure: an honest review about the “miraculous” facial mask from South Korea Hanacure is the most talked about beauty treatment of the year: actresses and models love it. One single application should grant you a flawless skin. Is it really so?

Hanacure: an honest review about the "miraculous" facial mask from South Korea

Disclaimer: This in NOT a sponsored post. The products reviewed have been purchased on my own free will and fully paid up. Therefore the following review is expression of my personal and honest opinion.

If you are, like me, into skincare and your ultimate ambition is to get a flawless, glowing and plumped skin just like oriental women’s you probably must have heard about “Hanacure”, the miraculous facial mask from South Korea: an All-in-one beauty product which promises to make your face younger and radiant with just one single application.

Hanacure facial mask started to become very famous since Drew Barrymore (actress born in 1975 who shows off the gorgeous skin of a 20-something, apparently without surgery, just by mastering the use of skin products). Months ago, Barrymore posted a selfie on her instagram picturing herself wearing this lifting mask from South Korea. Since then, many western women became curious and lots of starlets and models started testing and sharing via social the benefits of Hanacure.

Hanacure honest review
L’attrice Drew Barrymore condivide sul proprio profilo instagram il proprio viso durante la posa della maschera di bellezza Hanacure

So, what are we faced with? Is Hanacure just excellent marketing or is it a truly innovative product?

I could not miss the chance to try and review the beauty mask of the year, so I oreder straight from Hanacure official website some facials: one multiple set (containing 4 applications) and a single set (containing just one facial treatment, for a gift to a friend of mine).

I’ve already done my very first Hanacure treatment. So here it is my honest review: how does Hanacure work? Is it truly miraculous? Is it worth it?

First of all, let me show you some pictures. This is is the 4 applications set:

Hanacure honest review
Hanacure beauty mask, 4 facials set.

Hanacure honest review

Hanacure honest review
This is the content of the box: 4 gelling solutions + 4 lifting serums + 1 brush + very simple instructions.


And this is the single set: one single facial ideal either to give Hanacure a try without spending too much money or to give a gift to a friend.

Hanacure honest review
Hanacure facial set containing just 1 application.


Hanacure honest review
The back of Hanacure box with the complete list of the ingredients

Hanacure honest review


Hanacure honest review
Here it is the inside of Hanacure single set: 1 lifting serum + 1 gelling solution + 1 brush + simple instructions.

Now let’s see how Hanacure works:
[nextpage title=”Hanacure: how does the facial mask works?”]One of the reasons why Hanacure became so popular on the internet is the weird effect it makes on your face while wearing it for the 30 prescribed minutes. After mixing the lifting serum to the gelling solution, once applied the mask all over your face, you will experience the sensation of your visage to harden so much you won’t be able to move your lips to talk or drink or chew or smoke. At the end of the 30 minutes of application you will see your facial features radically transformed, just like after a bad surgery lifting! Drew Barrymore‘s selfie catches that precise moment when your eyes and your lips are stretched by the mask.

One of Hanacure‘s slogans sounds in fact like: “the beauty mask which gives you 10 years more (during the 30 minutes of application and pose) and then throws away 20 years after removal”. So do not worry about being ugly during the treatment because it’s absolutely normal. The benefits will come straight afterwards.

Follow me step by step:


Hanacure makes your skin glow but it is not a purifying mask. So I strongly suggest to cleance your face before starting Hanacure treatment. Cleansing milk is good. Deep cleansing foam is better.


Here it is the tiny and “miraculous” lifting serum from Hanacure:

Hanacure honest review

First you open a small corner of the gelling solution box, then you pour the lifting serum inside. Re-close it and shake it for about 20 seconds. What you get is the final mask: a golden gel ready to be applyied with the help of Hanacure brush all over your face skin.

Hanacure honest review

Hanacure honest review


Set the timer for 30 minutes: that’s the time necessary for Hanacure to work properly. After a couple of minutes you’ll feel the mask start to stiffen. Moving your mouth might become difficoult. You’d better switch off your phone because it won’t be comfortable to even speak during this time.

After 15 minutes you’ll feel your face pulled and stretched by the facial mask. The sensation will be pretty similar to the after effect of a day under the sun: your skin will burn a little.

After 30 minutes you will look at yourself in the mirror and… OMG! your facial features will appear transformed! Eyes and lips will be outstretched and you’ll hesitate recognize yourself.

No panic! It’s all normal and it’s all part of the treatment. Hanacure is easy to remove with the help of some lukewarm water.


What happens after 30 minutes of Hanacure treatment? Your facial features will return absolutely normal. Your skin might appear a little reddened. Wait patiently for about half an hour and your skin colour will be back to normal.

Personally I felt the urge to moisturize my face, after removing Hanacure. It is not a hydrating mask, in fact. On the contrary, Hanacure has a strong esfoliating power and effectively removes the superficial layers of your skin (the old and dirty ones). So I recommend applying your favourite moisturizers after removing the facial.

And now it’s time for Mairu’s honest opinion: What is the real Hanacure effect? Is it worth it? Is it truly miraculous?

[nextpage title=”Hanacure: does it worth it?”]Overall, Hanacure worked finely on my skin (a combination skin with some wrinkles, some redness and some freckles). I’m satisfied by the final effect.

What does actually Hanacure do?

  • It smooths the deepest wrinkes (for example those ones in the middle of your eyebrows or on your forehead). The wrinkes do not completely disappear, of course, but they do are more shallow and more elastic.
  • It shrinkes the pores of your face. Your skin feels very compact and smooth.
  • It makes your skin light and glowing, probably because it removes all the superficial cells of the epidermis. Our complexion appears fair and healthy.
  • It has a good elastifying effect. Every time we smile our expression wrinkles flatten more quickly, just like it used to do when you were “some years younger”.
  • Freckles and dark spots, due to excessive tanning or hormones, lighten a little.

How long does Hanacure effect last?

South Korean brand Hanacure suggests to apply one mask every 2 or 4 weeks. But it also ensures that even one single treatment is able to give immediately all the benefits.

My experience shows that the very first facial masks gives good results for about a couple of weeks. Just like any other excellent facial treatment one can do at the beautician. Obviously the benefits tends to fade away day after day but Hanacure ensures about 14 days of fair and younger complexion.

In conclusion: is Hanacure worth it?

Hanacure is not a miracle mask, but I bet you already suspected it. Never the less I consider it an effective treatment, pretty much like other facial treatmets I had at professional beauty centers which were, by the way, much more expensive. Hanacure costs 29 $, plus shipping costs. A complete deluxe facial at a very good beautician can cost up to 100 $.

If you do like to experience new facial at your own home, if you are not a regular customer at a professional beauty center, then go for it: Hanacure all-in-one facial mask will meet your expectations.

Otherways, if you prefer to rely on an expert’s hands and to entrust the replumping tand lifting of your skin to a good beautician, then do not have any regret for Hanacure does not do much more than a good, professional all-in-one treatment.

I hope you find this review somehow useful. If you have further questions or if you want to share your personal experience, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Hanacure: an honest review about the "miraculous" facial mask from South Korea

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