Street Fighter V – Complete Move List for all Characters

Street Fighter V - Complete Move List for all Characters

A year passed from the release of Capcom’s Street Fighter V, which in my opinion  – despite all the critic and metacritic received – still holds the title of the best multiplayer fighting videogame, despite the disappointing and even detrimental arcade aspects. Although I definitely agree with most issues pointed out by the mild reviews received by the game (this from Slantmagazine being among the most complete ones), I still think that this is a great title. At the end of the story it’s (almost) all about gameplay and mechanics, and this last installment definitely comes with both.

That said, this post want to help those that still struggle with the game moves sharing this fantastic collection of Youtube training videos published by the DrewTony’Z channel. These guys really did a fantastic job and watching their work will definitely help tuning up your technique with your favourite character(s).

Let’s start with…

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