Top 5 Free Fall Towers in Europe Looking for the best drop towers in european amusement parks? Here's our choice:

Top 5 Free Fall Towers in Europe

The High Fall (Movie Park Germany, Germany)

No. 4: The High Fall (Movie Park Germany)

Top 5 Free Fall Towers in Europe

This Intamin drop tower at Movie Park Germany is what we could call a hidden gem, settled in the Old West area of the Cinema-inspired German amusement park (formerly owned by Warner Bros and now part of the Parques Reunidos group).

The High Fall is technically an Intamin Floorless Tilting Gyro Drop and it’s the only one of his kind in Europe. Guests do not sit on regular seats: they ride a floorless saddle with their legs and feet hanging instead. The circular gondola rises slowly up, turning as it goes, giving the guests a good all-around view of their surroundings. Then, after reaching the 60 meters top, each seat tilts forward so that riders literally face the ground and the gondola plunges downwards at 90km/h.

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