Stranger Things Season 2 OST – Soundtrack – All Music and Songs – Episode 2: Trick or Treat, Freak A list of all the music and songs played during the episode 2 of the Netflix series

Stranger Things Season 2 OST - Soundtrack - All Music and Songs - Episode 1: MADMAX

Stranger Things 2 Episode 02 – Trick or Treat, Freak

Ghostbusters (Instrumental Version)Ray Parker Jr.
0:10 – The boys are getting dressed up for Halloween as their parents take photos.

Wango Tango Ted Nugent
0:25 – Billy complains about having to move to Hawkins as he drives Max home.

BlackoutSwing Set
0:29 – Jonathan drives Will to meet his friends, as they discuss Bob and their mom’s over-protectiveness.

Shout at the DevilMötley Crüe
0:31 – At the Halloween party, Billy is cheered for becoming the new ‘Keg King’; Steve tries to get Nancy to take it easy on her drinking.

Islands in the StreamDolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
0:32 – Bob and Joyce dance around her living room, while he assures her that Will is fine, then suggests they move out of Hawkins.

Monster MashBobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
0:38 – Max and the guys continue trick-or-treating; Mike tells Will that Max’s presence is ruining his night.

Girls On FilmDuran Duran
0:42 – Jonathan arrives at the Halloween party and meets Samantha; Steve tries to keep a drunk Nancy from getting another drink, but ends up spilling a drink down her shirt.

Outside the RealmBig Giant Circles
0:45 – Mike tells Will it feels like Eleven is still around; Jonathan drives Nancy home, helps her to her room and tucks her into bed.

GhostbustersRay Parker Jr.
0:52 – Dustin flips off the garbage can lid and peers inside; end credits.

Walking Through the Upside DownKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:16 – Hawkins National Laboratory sends a worker into the Upside Down to turn the power on.

This Isn’t YouKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:19 – Steve asks Nancy to just pretend to be ‘stupid teenagers’ for one night.

PresumptuousKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:20 – Dustin and Lucas invite Max to join their group for trick-or-treating.

Tree SlimeKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:28 – Hopper tells his deputy to flag the ruined crops and anything that is dead.

Eggo in the SnowKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:37 – After receiving Hopper’s message, Eleven wanders out into the woods to retrieve some Eggos.

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