Stranger Things Season 2 OST – Soundtrack – All Music and Songs – Episode 3: The Pollywog A list of all the music and songs played during the episode 3 of the Netflix series

Stranger Things Season 2 OST - Soundtrack - All Music and Songs - Episode 1: MADMAX

Stranger Things 2 Episode 03 – The Pollywog

Whistle On the RiverThe Mercy Brothers
0:09 – Dustin grab his pile of library books and makes a run for it; as Bob drives Will to school, he tells him about a nightmare he had as a kid.

You Don’t Mess Around With JimJim Croce
0:16 – Flashback to Hopper playing a record for Eleven; montage of Eleven and Hopper cleaning up the cabin and him teaching to use the radio for Morse code messages.

Go!Tones On Tail
0:19 – Eleven leaves the cabin; Steve and Billy wrestle on the basketball court; Nancy shows up at the court to confront Steve.

The Ghost In YouThe Psychedelic Furs
0:27- Jonathan tells Nancy how he ended up taking her home from the party, then they talk about how things have changed since Will disappeared.

Clean Cut American Kid Ill Repute
0:29 – While Nancy and Jonathan talk, a classmate starts listening to music on his walkman.

Cookin’ Al Casey Combo
0:31 – Joyce phones Bob at Radioshack for help with playing his video camera.

How I Feel About You Jumpstreet
0:37 – As Nancy and Jonathan head to her room, Karen Wheeler stops them to say hi.

She Wants Me to Find HerKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:05 – Flashback to Hopper leaving Eggos in the woods and Eleven following him to his truck.

HomeKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:15 – Flashback to Hopper showing Eleven his granddad’s cabin and telling her it’s her new home.

In the Woods Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:30 – Eleven wanders through the woods and see a mother pushing her child on a swing set.

DispatchKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:39 – Hopper rushes off after receiving a call from his deputy about the ‘Russian girl’.

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