Stranger Things Season 2 OST – Soundtrack – All Music and Songs – Episode 8: The Mind Flayer A list of all the music and songs played during the episode 8 of the nine-part Netflix series

Stranger Things Season 2 OST - Soundtrack - All Music and Songs - Episode 1: MADMAX

Stranger Things 2 Episode 08 – The Mind Flayer

The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)Jack Cook
0:05 – Max’s mom and step-father arrive home and find Max’s room empty with the window open.

The Four HorsemenMetallica
0:06 – Billy listens to some music while smoking and getting ready for his date. His father and step-mum enter his room concerned for Max’s whereabouts.

Should I Stay or Should I GoThe Clash
0:39 – Jonathan plays a song that he and Will first listened to together: They then distract him while Chief Hopper figures out the Morse Code with Dustin, Lucas and Max.

EulogyKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:24 – The group tries to deal with what happened at the Hawkins Laboratory; Mike tells the group that Bob was the original founder of their school’s A/V club.

Looking for a Way OutKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:28 – Mike proproses they use Will to find the Mind Flayer, but they first need to obscure his location.

SoldiersKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:32 – The group prepares the shed for Will.

The ReturnKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:44 – Eleven is finally reunited with her friends; end credits.

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