Stranger Things Season 2 OST – Soundtrack – All Music and Songs – Episode 7: The Lost Sister A list of all the music and songs played during the episode 7 of the nine-part Netflix series

Stranger Things Season 2 OST - Soundtrack - All Music and Songs - Episode 1: MADMAX

Stranger Things 2 Episode 07 – The Lost Sister

RunawayBon Jovi
0:06 – Eleven gets off a bus in Chicago, to look for her other girl from Hawkins Lab.

Outside the RealmBig Giant Circles
0:12 – Kali demonstrates her powers for Eleven, then later tell her that being together makes her feel whole.

Back To NatureFad Gadget
0:16 – Kali introduces Eleven to her crew.

The Bank RobberyJohn Carpenter
0:22 – Kali shows Eleven their information board; Eleven recognizes Ray and uses her powers to track his location.

Dead End JusticeThe Runaways
0:23 – Kali’s crew agrees to go after Ray; montage of the group preparing for their mission, then stopping at a supermarket to stock up.

Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) [Single Version] The Icicle Works
0:42 – Eleven tells her bus companion that she’s going to see her friends; end credits.

She Wants Me to Find HerKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:02 – Eleven tells Becky that Terry wants her to find the other girl from Hawkins Lab.

Run Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:04 – Eleven overhears Becky talking to Florence on the phone about her and takes off.

Making Contact Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:08 – Eleven enters a warehouse and announces to the people there that she is looking for ‘her sister’.

ChicagoKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:11 – Eleven tells Kali she saw her in the Rainbow Room, then they embrace.

Old Mac Donald Had A FarmCAST
0:14 – Kali’s crew tease her about putting Eleven to bed.

We Go out TonightKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:18 – Kali and her crew explain their revenge plan to Eleven; Kali has Eleven test her powers on a train car.

She’ll Kill YouKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:19 – Kali talks Eleven through using her anger to fuel her powers.

MercyKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:32 – After Eleven shows mercy on Ray, Kali warns her never to take away her choice again.

A Familiar ShapeKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:35 – Kali uses a vision of Dr. Brenner in an attempt to manipulate Eleven.

Descent into the RiftKyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:39 – Kali uses her powers to make her crew invisible, when the police raid the warehouse.

I Can Save Them Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:40 – Eleven tells Kali she needs to go back to Hawkins and save her friends.

Outside the RealmBig Giant Circles
0:12 – Eleven sees the butterfly

Eleven Is Gone Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
0:32 – When Kali is telling Eleven about how she was like her when she was younger; Kali also tells her how she escaped and found a family but lost them.

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